About Us

Who we are?

Dexo Chem Industries (DCI), incorporated in 2002, ISO 9001:2015 Certified and MSME registered company. One of the four genuine manufacturer of Extra stable pyridine free volumetric Karl Fischer Reagent. Within a year of its establishment, the company’s product was in enormous demand due to its quality. DCI was founded to introduce amazing technologies with applications in volumetric Karl Fischer method for moisture analysis. Currently, DCI is producing Volumetric Karl Fischer Reagent for all types of moisture titration and deal with customers and distributors in multiple markets all over India and planning to export too.

Dexo chem Industries

Why Us?

We are a desegregated, technologically enhanced company that analyze and develop all its products. This ensures us to rejuvenate and build a friendly environment with the end user which leads to best possible interaction. “Flexibility” is our uniqueness which makes us distinct from others. We manufacture a wide range of volumetric Karl Fischer Reagent as per customer needs. (i.e. Factor 1.00 mg/ml, 1.5 mg/ml, 2.00 mg/ml, 5.5 – 6.0 mg/ml and 6.0 – 6.5 mg/ml) DCI focuses on enhancing new and advanced technology into the KF world and developing a revolutionary extra stable Karl Fischer Reagent.

Our Management


Prabhat Khare


Prabhat Khare owns a Master degree in Chemistry. Prior to involving in chemical industry, he was manufacturing car batteries and radiators. He has started the manufacturing of Karl Fischer Reagent in 2002 with a 2 ltr flask and at present time his company is manufacturing 1000 ltrs Karl Fischer Reagent per day. The production department is controlled by him ensuring the quality should never be sacrificed.


Er. Utsav Khare

President / CEO

Er. Utsav Khare has received his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and Master in Business Administration. In the recent years, he has shown up his calibre and intelligence to complete many industrial projects like wastewater treatment using AOPs, manufacturing of many distinct catalysts. Prior to join DCI, he has authored a number of research papers and actively indulges in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Our Vision

To captivate our customers, stockists & employees by consistently manufacturing high quality products through innovation, research & development and by maintaining quality of the products as per standards.

Our Mission

To be the market leader in supplying of “Karl Fischer Reagent” with a global perspective by understanding clients expectations in quality & service, sustain operational excellence in manufacturing.


When talking about us, integrity states as honesty and transparency in our business profile and for our authorized stockist, we have a great manifesto that for a particular area, we will not supply goods in their region either directly or indirectly if the stockist fulfill the specified quantity of purchase on monthly basis.

Customer First

We treat customers as God. For us,we treat clients feedback as a throttling push for our growth and development. We maintain long term relation with our clients by providing best and consistent products. At DCI, employees treat customers with honesty, hustle and respect.


We are committed to all our stakeholders adopting best practices in business operations to honour our deliverables to every person, entity or organization, associated with us.

Respect For Individual

We are committed to create a work culture that encourage trust in the organisation, respect to an individual and value the diversity in the organisation.

Contribute to Society

We believe that our responsibility as a member of society to create value in society through improvement in health care, education and caring for environment.